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Statement of the Director

How We Got Away With It is a mystery-thriller told through the eyes of a young man who responds violently to an unexpected tragedy. “Henry’s” rash decision will change his life, and the lives of his closest friends forever, threatening to destroy them all. 


If there was one word I would use to describe this film, it is “coup.” Accordingly, secrets must be kept from loved ones, plots have to be implemented, and everything must go according to plan. Once the plan is in motion, there is no turning back.  The opportunity to strike rarely presents itself, but once it does, Henry acts impulsively, believing his rash plan can work.  But can anyone camouflage everything when so much is at stake? In an atmosphere of secrets and denial, who can be enlisted? Can those who partake ever be trusted, even if they were simply swept up in the violence by chance? 

Consequently, we attempt to illustrate that any abuser is simply a despotic tyrant. In this case it’s the one down the street from your home, or the home in which you live. Over time, a façade of lies and a culture of denial are established that insulates the abuser from scrutiny. Our "tyrant" is a hometown version of a Gadhafi or Saddam; Self-indulgent, isolated to the point of enigma, that person who's inflicted great damage on those closest to him.


We hope to demonstrate that over time repressing destructive, complex secrets will eventually drive the choices we feel compelled to make. What these characters knew and when they knew it, what they did or did not do about it, and why they do what they do now, are not presented simplistically. Their truth is in their actions, their behavior- not necessarily in their conversations. 


Finally, I think it needs to be said that we did not make this film to garner attention through controversy. We made it to investigate a human truth. I am convinced in its purpose and I proudly and resolutely stand by it, and the outstanding and dedicated work of everyone who contributed.  


Jon Lindstrom - Director

Indie thriller movie Jon Lindstrom
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