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Released from jail just before the arrival of his friends for their annual

summer reunion, Henry (McCaleb Burnett) discovers a shocking tragedy.

Driven by a long-repressed rage, his rash and unpredictable response sets in motion a chain of events that will reveal his darkest secrets, resulting in revenge and murder that will forever change the course of everyone's lives, sweep up the innocent and threaten to destroy them all. Forced to withhold his plan from his lover (Cassandra Freeman), enlist his best friend's help (Jeff Barry) and dogged by a local cop (Jon Lindstrom), Henry battles to survive in this gripping noir.

Stylistically inspired by the European crime dramas of the 1960's and 70's,

and with strong supporting turns by Mikal Evans, Jacob H Knoll, Brianne Moncrief, Luke Robertson and Richard Bekins, HOW WE GOT AWAY WITH IT, has been described as a "dark Big Chill"; a gathering of friends and lovers whose secrets drive them to make desperate choices.

But can those who partake ever be trusted, even if they were simply swept up in the violence by chance? 

Filmed in Rochester, NY. 

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