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Hubbub (aka, What "the people" are saying about How We Got Away With It.)


marmcp"This is not your typical formulaic Hollywood crime film. 'How We Got Away With It' takes you back to a style reminiscent of Hitchcock - where less is more. Where with just the right directorial prompting your mind leads you to a dark place of secrets, coverups and revenge. The writers and director never have to resort to the use 'cinematic tricks' to shock or create false suspense. It all plays out as seductively and naturally as the tide at the lakeside home where the film takes place. You are drawn in, taken hold of, then slowly returned to shore - and just when you think you have your bearings, the tide draws you back out again. After watching I guarantee you will want to watch again...and again."


Swedish Helicopter- "This film might not be for those who are looking to "tune out," but it IS a beautifully filmed work of art, filled with with cinematic references resonant to those who have studied film. The performances are vivid, realistic, and poignant, especially that of Jacob H Knoll, who plays 'Ronnie,' a recovering drug addict. I felt like I was putting together a puzzle as I watched the film, as in a good mystery. I think the references to 'Hitchcock' as in other reviews, is alluding to the dark quality of the film and the slow tension that Lindstrom builds, as the characters slowly reveal that all is not what it seems to be. This is NOT a formulaic story, but forces the viewer to think about what they are watching and come to their own conclusion as to whether the people in question really did "get away with" anything, or if they will live with the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives. A poignant and compelling film for the thinking person, it will stay with you for some time to come."


Okie 22- "Very beautifully shot film with strong acting performances. 'How We Got Away With It' is more than just a thriller. It certainly delivers on the 'who done it?' aspects of that genre but delves into the 'why?' more than most thrillers. It was these lightly touched on aspects that really helped to separate it from all the other indie thriller fare. All around a very enjoyable and interesting film and very much worth a watch."



Nicole E.- "This is a breath of fresh air, when most films do all the work and the audience is required to do nothing. I am also glad to see this film take risks in regards to male nudity. This is a very good debut film, and I am excited to see what else Jon Lindstrom will be coming up with next."


mare- "Really great movie. you will want to watch it again after you see it once….it is a mystery and unfolds in such a way that it is not predictable. Every scene, you learn more about the characters, the mystery, and the why. Up until the very end, you don't know the whole story until you finish watching it. I can see why it won so many awards at the festivals!"


Tricolore- "I LOVED this movie, and I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. It's truly engaging, tense and suspenseful. But it does something most of today's movies won't touch; Trust us viewers to be smart enough to keep up, and not to preach at us along the way or, especially here, in the end. It never talks down to you and assumes you understand what's happening as the story unfolds, each scene leading to the next with just enough clues to keep you hooked. I'm a big fan of crime thrillers, but this one came at me in so many offbeat and unexpected ways, I need to watch it again to make sure I picked up on everything. Subtle, creepy, ultimately brutal, yet beautiful to look at, with excellent performances by a cast I expect will be tomorrow's stars, I will recommend it to everyone. A MUST SEE!"


Michelle D.- "Fantastic movie! Reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock movies and the Big Chill. Never a dull moment, edge of your seat."


Zachary E.- "Really great flick. Tense. Good acting. Totally dug it."


Scott C.- "Awesome film by an awesome crew!"


Mimi- "FABulous, just absolutely fabulous!!"



@chemist- "'How We Got Away With It' was amazing. Genius work."


@mscheevious- "AWESOME film! 'How We Got Away With It' appeals to anyone who's ever wanted to get away with s***. Me, you, EVERYONE."


@kindlefirefan23- "Saw your movie on VOD! It was awesome! Acting and directing were phenomenal plot and cast was great.Whens the next 1”


‏@frannydwright- "#HowWeGotAwayWithIt was fantastic, I totally enjoyed it! Great job! I'll watch any film Jon makes since #HowWeGotAwayWithIt was so good!"


@TerrellSandefur- "Compelling story. Beautifully filmed."


@DonnaGarrigus- "Great thriller lots of twist and turns. Glad I bought not rent the movie so I can watch it over and over again!"


@MikeBgolfing-  "Amazing movie, deep, twisted, moving, very well done, worth the accolades and awards! Tip of the hat!!



Lynn L.- "LOVED YOUR MOVIE! Especially liked the direction/shots/the camera work -- from the very first angle. It appeared simple but wasn't, built tension without being flashy. Reminded me of some classic French noirs.”


Paula M.- "I found your movie on Comcast VOD. It was absolutely awesome! The cast was good, the movie was great and as always you (Jon) were AWESOME! When can we expect your next movie? Great directorial debut too!!" 


Anette L.- "The movie makes you feel that you are on an emotional roller coaster!"

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