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How We Got Away With It

"A smart, tense, artful film.  Style, pace, mystery, a full stock of anxiety, deception, betrayal, and other good things." 

Castle Freeman, Jr.

Author- Go With MeAll That I Have


​​We've had the satisfaction of hearing those words over and over again, unprompted, from many who have seen our film; film festival attendees, a college professor in Connecticut, a movie producer in LA, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter in New Orleans, an award-winning director, and of course, the movie-lovers that have embraced it. It is thrilling and gratifying beyond any expectation.  

A fresh, first-rate ensemble. An aesthetic that feels both familiar and different at the same time. Inspired by the new wave crime dramas of the 1960's and 70's, How We Got Away With It is a timely piece that successfully incorporates

Written by Jeff Barry, McCaleb Burnett and Jon Lindstrom, our film was shot in 17 days on the RED One MX camera entirely on location in Rochester, NY.  Our director, veteran actor and screenwriter, Jon Lindstrom (True Detective, What Happens Next, General Hospital) and his talented cinematographer, Michael Belcher, both took their first step into features on this project. Our editor is the acclaimed Tony Randel. We feel they made an outstanding team, creating images that resonate both subtly and powerfully.

Tough and hard working, we could not be more proud of the achievements of our New York City-based cast and crew to make this film a reality. Our outstanding cast features two excellent actors familiar to Indie audiences: McCaleb Burnett (The Revenant, Immigration TangoFinishing the Game: The Search for the New Bruce Lee) and Cassandra Freeman (Blue CapriceKinyarwandaInside Man) as well as a cast of immensely talented up-and-comers; Jeff Barry (Date Night, The Company Men), Mikal Evans (HBO's Game ChangeInnocence), Luke Robertson (Levity), Brianne Moncrief (The Other GuysAll My Children).


The recipient of numerous festival awards and accolades, ours is a well-acted, beautifully shot, disturbing and powerful story.  How We Got Away With It will sneak up on you, get under your skin, and stay with you long after the end credits roll. 

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